Checkout – The Suppression Blueprint

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Online data furnishers ($97 Value)

This simple step will show you how to silence the top 12 data furnishers reporting any information about you to the credit agencies in a matter of minutes. 95% of Americans don’t even know these companies exist, yet they hold the majority of all your credit and financial data. This blueprint is designed to help you end that today.

Offline Data Suppression ($97 Value)

This process will show you how to silence the top 5 offline data furnishers that report credit, bill payment information, property records, court judgments, rent-to-own reporting, auto lending (and leasing companies), loan providers, and telecommunication accounts like cell phones, internet and cable.

Suppression Request Template ($47 Value)

Plug and play template with the exact verbiage you need to communicate when making your suppression request. Simply input your information and send it directly to each data furnisher.

Employment Screening Reporting List ($97 Value)

Over 70% of employers today check your credit and your background, make sure the information they pull is accurate and up to date. Learn what employment screen companies are saying about you, who they are and how to request your employment credit reports.