Credit Webinar Follow Up 1

“I was stuck in the low 500″s and this program helped me get a 740 credit score…”

“One decision changed EVERYTHING…”

Kelly Livingston started working with me when her score was in the low 500’s

She attended a webinar just like you did and she was very skeptical. Kelly knew that if she didn’t make a change in her life nothing was going to change and he decided to trust me and the process and jump right in.

Fast forward to today… 9 months since she joined… Kelly now has a 740 credit score and was recently approved for a $25,00 credit card… That’s the power of great credit!

This program changed Kelly’s life and she tells you that herself in the video above.

Now it’s your turn! One decision can change your life forever just like it did to Kelly…

Let’s get you enrolled in the 700 Credit Score Academy right now before your discount to join the program completely is taken offline for good.

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The 700 Credit Score Academy

To improve your credit and change your life, credit repair is not enough, you need education an environment

  • 10 Week Credit Coaching Program
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  • Community + Twice Weekly Q&A Calls
  • The Auto Financing System
  • The Home Buying Blueprint
  • Cash Flow Control System
  • The Holly Grail Credit Mix
  • The 20k Revolving Credit Builder Blueprint
  • The Template letter generator
  • The Challenge letter sequence
  • The Credit Card Tier System
  • The Credit Report Audit System