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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The 700 Credit Score Academy (FAQ)

Have a question about joining?

Making a decision like this one might be a big thing for you and there may be other people involved like your partner, wife, business partner, or other family members. I totally understand and have put this FAQ resource together for you so that you can answer your questions and educate and convince others involved in the decision.

The methods taught in the 700 Credit Score Academy has been battle-tested and proven with clients all around the US. 

Kenney’s programs have helped 24,751 people start the journey of improving their credit. Collectively, they’ve improved their score 3,100,000 points and have removed over 300,000 negative items from their credit reports.

The 700 Credit Score Academy

To improve your credit and change your life, credit repair is not enough, you need education an environment

  • 10 Week Credit Coaching Program
  • Lifetime portal access
  • Community + Twice Weekly Q&A Calls
  • The Auto Financing System
  • The Home Buying Blueprint
  • Cash Flow Control System
  • The 20k Revolving Credit Builder Blueprint
  • The Template letter generator
  • The Challenge letter sequence
  • The Credit Card Tier System
  • The Credit Report Audit System


GREAT question! The 700 Credit Score Academy is different from other programs… we just don’t focus on removing the negative items from your credit. We are a comprehensive financial education platform with the goal of helping you leverage your credit to build wealth once you’re in a position to do so.

The program is designed to work with your specific skills, background, and current situation. People are different and credit is not a “1 size fits all” sort of game. The program begins with auditing what’s negatively impacting your reports the most. We then educate you on different strategies to start building credit. We show you a proven process to help you clean your glass, put ice in the glass (establish new credit accounts) then pour water in your glass (adding credit history and applying big-ticket items)

The program has an extremely high success rate and has one of the best track records in the US. This is largely due to the fact that the program is made to help you implement proven strategies to build credit while showing you how to legally remove negative items reporting on your report.

If you’re wondering if this program will work for you the answer is very clear, YES and we have the track record to prove it. You are also 100% covered, safe, and protected with our 7-day money-back guarantee. Simply try the program out and if it doesn’t work for you just ask us for a full refund and we’ll happily do that – no skin off your back.

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So that totally depends on your specific credit situation. Typically customers start seeing their initial results within the first 35-45 days after sending your initial challenge letters. Also, results depend on how quickly you implement or credit building and cash-flow strategies. Improving your credit isn’t just about removing the negative items from your credit report. It’s also about paying your bills time, lower your overall credit utilization, and making sure you re-establish new credit history.

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If you think this program is too expensive then you’re probably thinking of this in terms of “training” or “information” and not in terms of what this will actually do for you and your family.

You purchase this program for the results that it will get you, not the videos and information inside of it. I’d think that $2,000 is expensive for a normal credit repair program too”. However, the 700 Credit Score Academy isn’t a normal credit repair service. It’s a comprehensive education program designed to help you shift your mindset about credit, hold you accountable to your goal, show you step-by-step how to build new credit, and lastly how to leverage your credit to purchase big-ticket items such as cars and homes. This system literally has the potential to you hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest put you on a track towards a 700 credit score. Those savings should be towards building your family’s wealth and not making the banks more money.

A person with less than perfect credit literally will pay almost 12,000 more in interest over the life of the auto loan for the same car! Just because the banks view their score as high risk.

The 700 Credit Score Academy is laser focused on helping you get results. We don’t teach any “fluff,” there’s no politics or niceties, we get straight down to business, how to obtain a 700 credit score so you can finally get the things you deserve financially – And unlike college education, this program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and has a track record of producing real-life results.

What you are paying for here is a shortcut towards your financial prosperity. Once you have better credit, you can redirect the money you would’ve paid in high-interest rates towards your savings, investments, or building more wealth for you and your family.

That’s the REAL COST of this information, that’s what it cost me to get to where I am today. This program gives you the shortcut so that you don’t need to go through that for yourself. $1,497 or that? You choose…

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Yes, The 700 Credit Score Academy has the following payment plans. Typically the tuition to enroll in the program is a one-time payment of $3,497 or 4x monthly payments of $1,167.29. However, if you’re viewing this page within your webinar deadline period you’ve been given a 2,000 scholarship coupon code towards the purchase price. Applying this scholarship brings the price down to a one-time payment of $1,497 or 4x 499.70.

The payment plan option comes to a total of $1,998.80 which is roughly $501.80 more expensive than the 1x payment option. If you can pay the $1,497 up-front, we strongly recommend that since you will save some money but I understand if you can’t swing it and that’s when the payment plan becomes a better option

The program and level of support you receive are the same whether you do a 1x payment of $1,497 or 4x payments of $499.70. Nothing changes at all other than the payment term.

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Kenney Conwell is a seasoned and multifaceted entrepreneur, specifically in the financial space. He is a registered financial consultant and investment advisor who is celebrated globally for his results-based, proven track record, making him an expert in his field.

Kenney is the creator of one of the fastest-growing online financial education platforms, #MyMoneyEdu, and the owner of CapitalWize, LLC, an independent investment management firm. Throughout his professional career, Kenney has helped more than 23,000 people achieve their dream credit scores. He has been affectionately coined, “Mr. Money Savvy,” by his peers and colleagues because he is just that…incredibly financially savvy.

His drive is fueled by his remembrance of what he experienced as a result of having poor credit and lack of finances. It became his mission to never be “unqualified” for what he desired again, so he learned the rules of the credit industry by becoming his first client. Once he successfully cleaned up his credit profile, he realized he now had knowledge that could change people’s lives.

To date, Kenney’s system has helped 24,751 people improve their credit by more than 3.1 million points, collectively, remove 303,236 negative items from their credit reports, payoff close to $6 million in debt and invest over $15,000,000.

Here’s why I’m different: I started from $0 with no head start and no advantages. I figured out how to improve my own credit by 224 points. My family is not from money or financial background, and I had no connections, no network, no money to borrow – nothing. I started with a negative bank account, the car out for repossession, and multiple negative items on my credit. Other so-called experts started with massive advantages, were able to borrow money, or had family business networks to take advantage of. Other so-called experts took 5-10 years to get to where they are today (and they’re still not that successful). I got myself here in 3 years.

When you choose a business/financial mentor, you want them to be successful, you don’t want them to have any headstarts, and you want them to have achieved success quickly. I have done all of that and produced more than most credit gurus and financial experts in the marketplace today..

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With most online programs, there are a ton of hidden costs, and they try to up-sell you into fifty different things the moment you buy. This is NOT the case with the 700 Credit Score Academy.

When you join this program, there is nothing else to buy. You don’t need anything else, and I don’t even have anything else to sell you .I put everything I’ve got into this program, and I didn’t leave any grey areas. We do make a recommendation to get credit monitoring services and establish new credit builder accounts – which typically have an outside cost but are things you would’ve had to purchase anyway.

This program is not “half the answer”. It’s not even “almost everything.” This program is EVERYTHING you need. I show you how to go from knowing nothing at all about credit, cash flow, budgeting, etc. to the point where you have your successful financial situation, and we’ll probably to teaching others in your network how to do the same. There’s no catch, no hidden costs or fees, and you get everything you need the moment you sign up.

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It’s different from every course out there to date. Here’s how:

The Proven Process
I’ve turned the unknown, no gray area of how to improve your credit, and turned it into a precise science. While others use guesswork, we use a predictable, proven process. We’re confident this process will work for you. It’s not even up to chance. The only thing that’s up to chance is whether you’ll do it or not. We’ve got a proven process.

A New Paradigm
I engineered a new way to think and reprogram your mind that is so profound, and it’s like seeing for the first time. People often tell me, “I see my finances and credit differently. Things are different now. My life has changed.”

I’m not kidding with this stuff. When you reprogram your mind and install this new paradigm I created, you’re going to see things differently. You’re going to behave differently, and you’re going to become a different, better person.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a billionaire a billionaire, it’s that they think differently. They see the world differently. What you might see as a problem, they see as an opportunity. What you see as a disaster, they see as something else. You don’t see the same things they see, and you don’t have the same thoughts they have.

Really successful people have profoundly different paradigms, and worldviews than the one’s society have adopted and installed into us by default. There hasn’t been a time before where someone has given everyone a corrected paradigm to operate with, but that’s what I’ve done with this program.

We’re able to get this new, better way of viewing the world installed in most people in just a few weeks. It took me my entire life to figure out how to do this, and it takes billionaires their whole lives, too. But we get you thinking differently in just a few weeks.

A Winning Community
It’s hard to change your life when you’re surrounded by the same people you’ve always been surrounded by. But we have a solution to this problem. All of our students join a nationwide community of people on the same path, so their dreams aren’t laughed at but achieved daily.

Like I mentioned earlier, society gives sympathy to people who don’t win, and it frowns upon winners, which is messed up if you think about it. In our community, our group, we only celebrate winners. People who lose have to choose for themselves to become a winner.

With this program, you will have access to the Facebook group, and you will want to start hanging out in the Facebook group. You can still be friends with the people you’re friends with, and you can, of course, keep the same family. I’m not saying you have to leave them or anything. You need to find a healthy balance between people who believe they can win, and your family and friends.

Because if you just have your family and friends, they’re going to pull on your belief in yourself, and you’re going to end up back down at their level. You need to have a healthy balance, so always remember that.

Expert Mentorship
Most of the time, it’s not a good idea to talk about your dreams and financial goals in front of people who aren’t in on the same path as you. It will just draw criticism. But how can they judge your dreams and goals? They’re not even sure what they want or have the results in their life.

So, it’s probably a good idea to ask credit questions and talk about your dreams with people in our community, and when it comes to hanging out with family and friends, keep those things separate. This way, you can keep your mind in the right place and in expert mentorship.

Everyone needs advice and help when tackling new challenges, but true experts are out of reach for most people. You know experts cost a lot of money. I don’t even sell my time anymore.

People who give excellent advice are expensive, and most of the time they are out of reach. However, I’ve figured out a way to get expert mentors in touch with ordinary, everyday people in an economical way. That is through our Facebook community and our group calls. I jump in the Facebook group often, and I’ve got credit and experts and coaches who also jump in and help there, too. This is how we can provide expert mentorship to everyone.

These four elements make up what I call the perfectly engineered change agent. As you’re going through this process, it’s important to remember these four things.

Always remember that just one of these things on its own isn’t going to get you where you want to go. You need it all. All four parts are equally important, and if you take one out, the whole thing will fall over. You must keep all four at all times.

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Yep! I’ve done many of these programs too! The truth is that most programs don’t deliver and here’s why:

Most programs contain information but no clear course of action so that you can do something and get results. The Credit Coaching program is different because it teaches the principle lesson, then it provides examples to cement the idea in your brain. Then it gives you the step by a step implementation plan so that you can implement what you’ve learned in the real world and get results. Most programs contain and implement unproven theory and don’t come from real-life experience.

This program comes from my own life experience of improving my personal credit, starting a credit education business from nothing, and helping more than 24,000 people in 2 years to the same. I take everything I’ve learned from being on the front lines of credit and finance every day. I was a financial advisor and financial expert before making this program, and I still am a one to this very day. This program is based on real-life, and the methods taught work in this current marketplace at this present minute. No bullshit theory, just step by step action items to put you on the journey towards a 700 credit score.

Most programs are out of date, or they quickly go out of date and no longer work. This program is up to date to this current second, and everything you will learn will work in this current marketplace. I also ruthlessly update all the processes and content the second it becomes irrelevant so that it’s always up to date and working – and you get access to these updates – all included in your purchase.
Most programs are created by people in an attempt to make money for themselves, and they don’t care whether the programs work or not. This program is not an “attempt to make money.” This program is my life’s work, and I care about it immensely. Financial education and credit is my obsession; it’s what I live and breathe every single day from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep.

When you join this program, you will notice that this is leaps and bounds beyond anything else you have ever seen and truly a work of passion. This program is not just “good,” it gets results too.

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When you join the 700 Credit Score academy, you are 100% covered, safe, and protected by our 7-day money-back guarantee.

What are the conditions for the guarantee?

Very simple: All I ask is that you take action in the program and give it a solid go. You must complete at least 5 steps to qualify for a refund. We also require you to do this within the first seven days from the date of purchase.

Those are the terms plain and simple, and they are very fair. We uphold our guarantee obligations, and you can rest assured that your purchase is 100% risk-free. Like I said… The only way you can lose is by not trying this out.

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When you join the 700 Credit Score Academy, you get A LOT of support every single step of the way. I care about your results, and to get results, you need support.

Here’s what you get the moment you join:

  • Facebook Group Support: You get access to our Facebook group for support 24/7/365. You can ask a question in here any time you like, and a member of the group will help you out. I also employ trained and highly paid coaches to help with support in the Facebook group. This is an invaluable support network.
  • Coaching Call Support: Every week, we hold 2x weekly Q&A Coaching Calls. Monday and Thursday from 8:30 pm est pm every single week. Each call runs for about 1 hour, and you can show up and ask any questions you have life and either myself or one of my highly skilled coaches will help you out. You can view two full live Q&A sessions here
  • Email Support: On top of the Facebook group and the weekly calls… You also get access to my full-time customer support team. Simply contact my team via email at any time, and they will respond promptly.

You get access to all of these support channels for life when you enroll today.

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The 700 Credit Score Academy is taught through pre-recorded videos and PDF files, which are all available online 24/7/365. It doesn’t matter if you get married, go on a one month vacation, or miss a training class. All of the information is available in the content portal, and you can access it at any time.

You get full lifetime access to this training so you will never “fall behind” or miss out on anything. We got you covered!

If you can’t make one of the Live Coaching Calls or miss one by accident, we got you covered too! Every single call is recorded and then uploaded in the Facebook group so that you never miss a beat. Show up live or view the recordings. You will never miss a call or fall behind, and you get lifetime access to the calls.

You can start this program the moment you sign up. When you click the buy button, you will be in the portal within a matter of minutes and have access to all the training and support.

You can start tonight and be taking action first thing tomorrow. The best time to start is always now, and you can get started by clicking here.


No, this offer is going away. When the countdown timer hit’s 00:00:00 which is happening very soon (see the countdown timer at the top of this page) this page comes offline, this deal will be taken offline.

At this point, you’re free to buy the program at the regular price of $3,500 off our website.
There will be absolutely ZERO exceptions on this, and if you miss this offer by 1-minute, 1 day, 1 week or even 1 month, it doesn’t matter one but – it will cost you $3,500.

Look… If you are serious about improving your credit and changing your life for the better, you need to do it right now. The “perfect time” will never come. Believe me… Those waiting for the perfect time end up on their death bed swearing they will “do it tomorrow.” The perfect time is right now, and those who take action quickly always get the best results. Stop procrastinating, stop putting off a better life for yourself and your family – that should be your priority and your duty – do it now!

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Nope. This program is designed to be a proven process from start to finish. You start at milestone 1 module 1 and work systematically through to the end. When executed correctly, this program gets results like nothing else, and I am not going to mess with the process.

Truthfully… You might think that you have a problem with 1 thing only, but I can tell you from coaching thousands of others that’s never the case! You don’t know what you don’t know, and if your credit and finances aren’t where they need to be, then you’re missing more than you think. It’s never just one thing that makes or breaks somebody in personal finance or credit – it’s a collection of all things executed the correct way all in harmony together.

The program will not be split up. The answer is no, and if you’re not committed enough to do the whole thing, please find another program to help you. And I say “help you” knowing full right that it will not help you. So please do not blame me when you get access to that 1 thing and you’re still not successful, I did warn you.

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The 700 Credit Score Academy is an online coaching and learning academy, which means the training is created by me, recorded by me, and all my work. It’s my best work too. So when you enroll in this program, you are learning directly from me, and you’re learning my absolute best stuff, I hold nothing back.

You get access to the online learning academy, the Facebook community, and the twice-weekly Q&A Coaching calls. I am in the Facebook group every single day, and I read people’s posts, reply to them, and provide feedback. I also attend some of the coaching calls each week. When I’m not on the calls, my well trained and highly paid coaches handle them for me, and they are the best of the best.

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The 700 Credit Score Academy

To improve your credit and change your life, credit repair is not enough, you need education an environment

  • 10 Week Credit Coaching Program
  • Lifetime portal access
  • Community + Twice Weekly Q&A Calls
  • The Auto Financing System
  • The Home Buying Blueprint
  • Cash Flow Control System
  • The 20k Revolving Credit Builder Blueprint
  • The Template letter generator
  • The Challenge letter sequence
  • The Credit Card Tier System
  • The Credit Report Audit System