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Welcome to step 4 of the credit enhancement formula. You will find all our training below, just click the links to access the videos


Now that you have the negative accounts off your credit reports or at least working towards getting them off, you’ll need to work on getting positive accounts on your credit reports. The best thing about this step is no matter how good or how bad your credit is – you’ll be approved!

MyJewelersClub is an excellent place to start re-establishing new credit

Up to $5,000 Unsecured Revolving Line of Credit

  • Minimum $100 initial order required with 50% down payment
  • One hard inquiry from Experian
  • Reports to all 3 Bureaus monthly, accounts usually populated between the 5th and the 15th

New Coastal Direct

New Coast Direct offers quality, long lasting products for their home or office. Revolving credit lines up to $5000 with no monthly service fees. With a 95% percent approval rate. No prior credit history is required, however all applicants must be 18 years of age or older, a US citizen, valid social security, valid identification card, must be employed with a minimum household income of $1600 and complete a secure online application contract.

There is a $95 yearly process fee. Minimum initial order of $100 with a 50%
Down Payment (Based on credit rating). All of New Coast Direct account report to Trans Union, and Equifax monthly!

Start building your credit with Self Lender! 

A credit builder account is almost like a savings plan that builds credit*.

Self Lender has 4 credit builder plans:

• No ‘hard’ credit check — no credit score required**
• No deposit — unlike a secured credit card***
• No cost to apply***
• Build credit and save money at the same time

Start building your credit with Self Lender!

Secure Cards Broken Down

Sometimes when you are first establishing new credit for the first time, or even trying to rebuild from bad credit – it can seem nearly impossible to get approved for any credit cards worth your time.

In this Lesson, we are going to discuss how you can begin increasing your score with secured credit cards.

Getting a “Secured card” was my FIRST credit card of any type that I got right after high school. This one tool helped me begin building my credit and allowed me to the opportunity to prove my creditworthiness.

Here are a LIST of some Secured Credit Cards you can take a look at…

NOTE: If you really need to rebuild, you can have more than one secured credit card at a time to build up multiple accounts, make more “on time” payments, and extend your credit utilization amount.

Click here to get started with Credit Card Builder Secure Card

Applying For Unsecured Credit Cards.

No Annual Fee Credit Card List

Click Here To Review a List of Secure Credit Cards To Start With